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Special care and expertise are required for taking great care of older people.

We take great care of older people.


Each CHT location and staff member embraces our legacy of care.

Our values of compassion, companionship, care, comfort and quality of life run deep through our organisation and shape our dedication for taking great care of older people.

This dedication naturally extends to supporting the families, Whanau, and friends of our residents.

We understand that the decision to relocate to an aged care facility, whether it’s yourself or a loved one, can be a challenging experience full of mixed emotions. We also appreciate that life’s many ups and downs are easier to handle when you have people around you who can offer a listening ear, a kind word or valuable advice.

Our decades of experience, network of healthcare professionals and connection to community leaders means we’re here to help.

Should you wish to seek support or guidance from us, please feel free to contact the CHT location manager.

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