• A legacy of excellence in aged care for over 60 years

    CHT Our History

    The History of CHT


    Founded in 1962, CHT Care Homes was originally known as the Christian Hospital Trust Board, and has enjoyed a rich history of taking great care of older people in locations throughout the upper North Island.

    Created to address an urgent need for aged care homes in the early 1960’s, the Christian Hospital Trust Board started out with only a few resources yet built an impressive range of facilities over the decades. Today CHT has become the largest provider of solely aged care in Aotearoa New Zealand.

    Our first care home…

    The first care home, St Johns in Epsom, remains in the CHT network and represents the unique and steadfast approach of CHT. CHT strives towards care of the elderly, with a focus on quality, welcoming, homely care homes with management and staff who bring to life the long-held values of the organisation.

    CHT’s deliberate foundational policy underscores our commitment to welcoming residents of diverse denominations, ethnic backgrounds, and care needs. Priority is given to the requirement for care rather than the ability to pay, making this a pivotal aspect of the significant role CHT continues to play in the communities it serves.

    The organsation flourished from one care home with 30 beds in 1962, to eight care homes and multiple residential pensioner flats with 325 beds by the mid-eightys. Today CHT spans 21 care homes offering rest home, hospital, dementia and specialised dementia care.

    This century…

    In the mid-2000s, the organisation underwent a rebranding to CHT Healthcare Trust, a change that better resonated with the diversity of residents and staff. Our updated branding not only acknowledged the origins of the organisation but also embraced the various religions, beliefs, and lifestyles present in our care homes and the wider communities we serve.

    Known today as CHT Care Homes, the 21-strong network of care homes continues to uphold the legacy of the original organisation and remains devoted to providing care that meets an individuals health and wellbeing needs. Our focus is on physical, emotional, mental, cultural and social needs – in comfortable environments that reflect a sense of home.