• ‘Navigating Wellness’ guidebook now available

    Older New Zealanders will benefit from a free guidebook being created to gather and refine vital information needed to age well in Aotearoa New Zealand. ‘Navigating Wellness: a guide to primary health for older New Zealanders’ is now available thanks to support from the CHT Aged Care Fund.

    Third Age Health, a leading medical service provider for older adults living in residential care nationwide, has developed this guidebook to help improve the experience for older adults as they navigate their personal health care and lifestyle journey.

    Incorporating current research insights on managing your health, available services and resources, practical tips and expert advice, the guidebook can be used by patients, families and health professionals in primary care to support navigation through the health system and community health services.

    Tony Wai, CEO at Third Age Health notes, “Our commitment to creating this guidebook aligns with our organisation’s mission of being strong advocates for ageing well regardless of where that takes place.”

    Real-world feedback from local focus groups has helped to shape content which spans a broad range of topics from health agencies and specialists, to social and community groups, legal matters and encouraging self-assessment to promote health autonomy.

    Dr Diane Leach, GP and Medical Director at Third Age Health, says a major issue facing older people is that a 15-minute GP appointment is simply not enough time to discuss multiple conditions, or for GPs to offer the breadth of advice required beyond acute health issues.

    “Older people often have a number of health issues which need attention, as well as needing direction or advice around other areas of their life. This resource will not only be tremendously helpful for our patients and their families, but will also take the pressure off GP’s so that every appointment can be used appropriately.”

    “It can be overwhelming for an older person to find information they need, especially in this digital age, so by addressing their needs in a way that is easily accessible for them, we anticipate this guidebook will make a positive and meaningful difference for our older population.”

    The CHT Aged Care Fund enhances the wellbeing of older New Zealanders by providing grants for projects across research, access to care, and workforce development.

    Carriann Hall, Chief Executive at CHT Care Homes says “As the population ages so does the number of older people in the community who require support services, which makes this guidebook initiative even more critical for the community, as well as for the health professionals striving to assist them.”

    Download your copy of ‘Navigating Wellness: a guide to primary health for older New Zealanders’ HERE.

    Third Age Health